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beabadoobee and Lowertown at Roseland Theater on 11/23/22


Fans lined the block on a fortunately dry night in Portland. Once inside, it was clear what the audience demographic was; as parents headed up the stairs.

The lo-fi group Lowertown, led by Olivia Osby and Avshalom Weinberg, kicked off the night in a dim purple haze. The songs throughout the night seemed to have just as much room for instrumental as lyrics, Avshalom often soloing on lead guitar, while the lyrics sung by Olivia often stood out, sometimes reminiscent of Bikini Kill.

Olivia shared earlier that her shoes were too big and that she was worried about falling on her face. After the song, At the End, she took them off and began to bound and dance across the stage. The band played an angrier song, Scum, from their latest album, I Love to Lie, before transition to a groovy melody, Bucktooth, from the same album. The crowd swayed side to side to the sweeter tune. Lowertown ended their set with Best Person You Know, which had noticably different parts, each building form the next.

Filipino-British singer, beadaboodee, opened her set with the song 10:36 from the tour namesake and lastet album, beatopia. Stuffed animals lined up the back of the stage and around the drum kit, fans later tossing a few to add to the collection. beadaboodee asked fans to get down while singing Apple Cider. The crowd lowered themselves below the barricade as the song built to an exploding peak felt on the floor from fans jumping.

She continued the night mixed with dreamy but upbeat melodies, introducing the band, most notably the bass player, Eliana Sewell, after the song, She Plays the Bass. The last three songs brought a 90's rock energy. Dye it Red had a Foo Fighters-like beginning; at the end of Talk, beabadoobee picked up a lacy bra that was thrown on stage; and Cologne had a small but noticable mosh pit in the direct middle of the floor.

beabdoobee came out to the stage and sat on a stool for an acoustic encore. She began with the Tik-Tok famous Coffee, follwed by Ripples and Fairy Song to end the night.

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