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Band of Heathens: Trouble Came Early

By SCOTT CUNNINGHAM // One of the best tracks of 2017

Every once in a while, a song comes across my ears that literally makes me stop and take a long, hard listen. Then I go dial it up on the computer and listen some more. Such it was when Trouble Came Early from the Band of Heathens came wafting out of my SiriusXM radio several weeks ago.

Based in Austin, the group has been making a name for themselves in Americana circles for the last ten years. With January's release "Duende" the band is finally breaking through to a wider audience. They are currently hovering at the top of the Americana radio chart and are starting to make a dent in the broader Triple-A format, which KINK-FM here in Portland belongs to.

Trouble Came Early is hard-driving with a huge guitar, keys, and rocking drums keeping everything going in the right direction. The lyrics and vocal work are catchy, with the title serving as a great hook for the track. The rest of the album is every bit as good.

Nothing official yet on a West Coast tour swing, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the band come through here in the fall. Stay tuned, as the say.


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