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Art Alexakis: "The Hot Water Test" / OMN Featured Video

Everclear's frontman Art Alexakis sings about living with MS.

Billboard Magazine said:

Everclear frontman Art Alexakis is giving listeners an unfiltered glimpse into his world at the moment on his debut single “The Hot Water Test.” 

As the first single from his upcoming solo debut album Sun Songs, “The Hot Water Test” serves as a reintroduction to Alexakis that immediately addresses the singer-songwriter’s mental space in 2019. Following a statement in March that revealed his years-long battle with multiple sclerosis, Alexakis uses his unreserved, transparent lyricism to confront his diagnosis on a rugged track that feels equally familiar and progressive for the artist.

"The reason I call it ‘The Hot Water Test’ is because back in the early part of the 20th century, doctors would diagnose MS by putting their patients into super-hot water and wait for them to start showing symptoms,” Alexakis tells Billboard. “It was pretty barbaric and miserable, and just one example of the kind of experiences that people with MS, autoimmune diseases, cancer or for that matter any debilitating disease, have to deal with all the time. Sometimes it feels like every day is a hot water test."


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