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March Fourth's John Averill: Happy 20th Anniversary / Coffeeshop Conversations-#369

By TOM D'ANTONI // John Averill, one of the founders of March Fourth talks about 20 years on the road, marching and living the life. Their 20th anniversary show is Saturday March Fourth (of course) at the Crystal Ballroom (also of course).

Guess what happens on March Fourth? It’s the twentieth anniversary of March Fourth. Actually every March Fourth is an anniversary of every other March Fourth but this March Fourth is the twentieth anniversary of March Fourth the band.

That’s a Saturday and there will be a lot of fun at the Crystal Ballroom that day and night.

One of the founders who is also one of two remaining members of the original band John Averill is here in the Artichoke Café with me.

We’ll find out how they’ve managed to keep on going despite the rigors of the road and band busses that tend to break down.

He’s on his way to the recording studio where March Fourth is making an EP.

At the end? The classic Space Hole from their fifth anniversary album.

Welcome back John Averill. 

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