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Through the Eyes of a Child: August Burns Red - PHOTOS / VIDEO

By SYDNEY AND MIKE LEWIS // Sydney shoots photos of August Burns and then she and her dad Mike talk about it on video.

Every show is a learning experience for Sydney, just like it can be for just about any photographer. It was just recently that she finally decided that perhaps it was time to give manual mode a try as she struggled with the limitations of shooting in auto mode. It was at the Waterfront Blues Festival that she made the transition and found that it was much easier than how she was shooting. However, an outdoor venue is one thing, but doing back inside where there isn’t nearly as much light is something completely different.

Sydney however is also starting to get that mindset where there are shows she just doesn’t want to shoot. I had to almost drag her to August Burns Red with me. She stated that the band was “okay” as far as the music was concerned but she certainly wasn’t won over by the other artists on the tour. I had to convince her that this was the best way to get practice. I pointed out that there are A LOT of bands that I don’t necessarily like, but I still get a photo pass because every show presents a different challenge and if nothing else, it’s at least practice.

I noticed many times in the pit she would take a photo or two, then just sit and watch. She’d follow close beside me. As she stated in the video, she didn’t care about the other bands, she only wanted to get photos of ABR. There have been many shows where a musician notices her in the pit and tries to pose for her, but she doesn’t get the shot. This however was one of the shows where that wasn’t the case and we left the photo pit with her being very confident that this one time, she got it.

She did.

While she might not have enjoyed many of the bands, it was this one shot that really made her night and she was extremely pleased with herself. The coming few weeks have her back in the photo pit once again for acts such as Gary Numan, Sabaton (again) and Heilung, so hopefully she will have the same degree of success with these upcoming show.

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