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The Pretty Reckless
The Pretty Reckless

Best of 2016: The Pretty Reckless live at The Roseland Theater on 12/3/2016


I have attended many concerts throughout the year of 2016, all ranging from different styles of music and amazing performances. Little did I know, none of those concerts would compare to what I was about to experience. On the evening of December, 3rd 2016, American rock band, The Pretty Reckless, made their fourth appearance in Oregon and once again, left their fans in attendance awestruck and counting the days for the bands return to the Pacific Northwest.

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, the lights dimmed and fans were screaming with excitement. The members of The Pretty Reckless made their way on to the stage. Ben Philips (lead guitar), Mark Damon (bass guitar), Jamie Perkins (drums) and last but not least, the widely adorned Taylor Momsen (lead vocals, rhythm guitars) made her way to the front of the stage. The screams coming from the fans quickly silenced as it seemed every person in the crowd was then singing right along with Taylor to hit song, “Follow Me Down.”

The energy that came from the stage was unexplainable. This was their second to last date for the entire tour. You would think after a long month and a half of non-stop touring, the energy would have dropped some. Not for the members of The Pretty Reckless. I could tell this was something they truly enjoyed doing. Momsen and the rest of the band put everything they had in to their performance. Every song kept getting better and better as the night went on. There was a great mix of old favorites such as, “My Medicine” and “Going to Hell”, as well as a newer mix including the heavy hitting rock song “Oh My God.” Momsen’s growls and screams carried throughout the venue and made for one unforgettable night.

Before I knew it, The Pretty Reckless were rocking hard on their last song, “Take Me Down.” As Momsen and the rest of the band made their way off stage, I was sad to have learned this was the end of the concert. I wanted more. The fans wanted more. Before we knew it, they came back on stage for an encore. The music started and everyone was pleased to learn “Fucked Up World” would be the song they were going out with. As if that wasn’t enough, drummer, Jamie Perkins, had quite the drum solo that left everyone floored. With hair flying and hands in the air, the band finally called it a night.

If you haven’t seen The Pretty Reckless perform live before, I highly suggest it. This concert was one that I will remember for the rest of my life and I feel thankful to have had the opportunity to be there. The Pretty Reckless currently just finished their US tour and will be back on the road starting January 19th in Nottingham, United Kingdom for another run at it. Be sure to pick up a ticket and a copy of the new album, “Who You Selling For” as it will be sure to not disappoint.

Set List:
Follow Me Down
Since You’re Gone
Oh My God
Make Me Wanna Die
My Medicine
Sweet Things
Light Me Up
Who You Selling For
Living in the Storm
Heaven Knows
Going to Hell
Take Me Down

Fucked Up World

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