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Sarah Wild unleashes her inner 'Villain'

By Ruben Mosqueda // Oregon Music News caught up with Sarah [Wild] for a conversation on the eclectic collection of songs that make up ‘Villain’ and what’s on the horizon for her.

If you’re an Oregon Music News regular you probably recall our recent feature with the duo Fox and Bones a few weeks back. Sarah Vitort [A.K.A. Sarah Wild] one half of Fox and Bones has released a new collection of songs in EP form titled ‘Villain.’ Oregon Music News caught up with Sara for a conversation on the eclectic collection of songs that make up ‘Villain’ and what’s on the horizon for her.


Sarah you have just issued an EP titled ‘Villain.’ What inspired this departure from your work as Fox and Bones?


So to clarify ‘Villain’ actually predates Fox and Bones. I released a solo album in June 2015 under ‘my given name,’ Sarah Vitort titled; ‘Wild Heart, Gypsy Soul.’ I began writing material for ‘Villain’ a year ago [in the fall 2015]. My first album was country pop but it didn't feel like the right genre for me moving forward. I wanted to move to a darker, edgier, rock [oriented] sound and that’s what you hear on ‘Villain.’ It’s a bit of an experiment in different genres; it’s more a ‘demo’ than an EP in that way. ‘Villain’ catalogs my evolution as an artist and serves as a stepping stone to where I’m going next. Fox and Bones was born after the songs for ‘Villain’ were written; we started writing songs for Fox and Bones in January [2015].  The songs came to fruition so much faster; which is why Fox and Bones’ EP came out well before ‘Villain.’


What’s the intent behind the release of the EP or demo as you stated? Is ‘Villain’ essentially ‘testing the waters’ for something else creatively?


As I mentioned previously; it’s really an experiment in ‘genre-hopping’ to get a feel for what will be the most fun for me and what feels ‘more authentic.’ It’s definitely a step in a different direction from my first album. I didn’t feel like country pop was the right genre for me long-term. So this is me feeling out rock and roll, blues, and pop-rock a little bit more.


Please take us through the tracks on ‘Villain.’ What’s the story behind “Maybe It’s Me?” It’s got a great hook, it’s a pop/contemporary country hybrid.


So ‘Villain’ kicks off with the first single I released, “Maybe It’s Me” because it’s definitely one of the crowd favorites. It’s my personal favorite as well. Not only is it one of those fun catchy songs that gets stuck in your head, it was also really empowering to write. The rest of the songs were born out of heartbreak, and this one was me reflecting on that heartbreak and realizing that I’m the common denominator in my failed relationships. It’s this tongue in cheek look back at my relationships and making fun of myself for my part in ending them.


“Villain” has a fantastic opening riff that reminiscent of Tom Petty’s “Last Dance with Mary Jane.”


The second song is the title track, “Villain” my other favorite. I’ve always loved superheroes and the whole Sarah Wild persona was really born from that obsession… Most superheroes go through hell and face the darkness before they really become heroes, and many continue to face that inner conflict between darkness and light. I think that’s the most realistic way to live a full life, to understand and make peace with the darkness inside of you. Villain specifically is about that moment when you realize you’ve become the bad guy in a relationship. We try so hard to be good people but sometimes you just get pushed to the breaking point. I remember i was dating my ex and one morning I had this intense desire to go through his phone, which I have never done to a boyfriend. I didn’t do it, but the desire was so great that it triggered me to write this song. We broke up not long after, needless to say.


 “Double Dippin’” is my favorite on the EP probably because it’s blues based and infectious.


“Double Dippin’” is a fun and fairly straightforward song. It’s about going back to an ex when you know you shouldn’t [go back to] but you just can’t help yourself. There’s always that something that draws you in. I remember coming up with this cool rhythmic chord progression and the rest of the song kind of wrote itself.


You closed out the EP with two slower tunes or ballads in “You Never Told Me” and “Let You Go.” That is definitely a unique way to close things out.


Yeah. These two songs don't really fit my newer style necessarily, but they are such strong ballads; I had to develop them and put them on there. They’re both heartbreak songs; “You Never Told Me” is more about missed communications and realizing someone had feelings for you when you thought they didn’t. In my case, I made a pretty big mistake in a relationship and only after the fact discovered how that person really felt about me, and I kept thinking if he would have been vulnerable with me sooner, things would have happened differently. “Let You Go” was the song I wrote to allow myself to move on from that relationship completely. I told myself it would be my last song about that person, and not only was it that, I haven’t even written any songs about heartbreak since.


You’ve got a tour coming up with Fox and Bones in Europe this fall; will there additional solo date specifically to promote ‘Villain?’


I’m hoping to tour with my band, ‘Sarah Wild and the Watch’ in the spring/summer [2017] as Fox and Bones dates already booked this fall. The nice thing is we will likely play some of my solo songs; stripped down during the Fox and Bones tour. So I’ll still get the chance to promote ‘Villain.’


 Is there a chance of a full length Sarah Wild album on the horizon?


Absolutely, my next body of work will be much more cohesive as genre wise. I’m still really diving into learning who I am as an artist, and what vibe is going to be the most authentic. So for now it’s kind of back to the drawing board. I’m going to be really honing in on what I want the future of ‘Sarah Wild’ to look like. It’s an exciting place to be.





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Cool interview. Glad someone Sarah is getting the attention. She is great in her solo work and in Fox and Bomes. I look forward to more music by her.

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