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Sleater-Kinney leads Oregon Music Hall of Fame Induction Announcements

By TOM D'ANTONI // Inducted as a group, as Artist of the Year and co-winner of Album of the Year. List of all the inductees here.

They'll be formally inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame on Saturday, October 8 at the Aladdin Theater, but Tuesday night, July 12 at Tony Starlight's Showroom, OMHOF head Terry Currier MC'd the annual mid-summer announcements of all of the 2016 inductees.

Also appearing and performing at Tony Starlight's were some of the OMHOF 2016 Scholarship recipients, pianist Kaitlyn Clawson, bassist Christian George and reed player Elizabeth Soper.

Performing at the Aladdin will be Duffy Bishop, Fernando with guests Pete Krebs and Paul Brainard, also 3 Leg Torso. Tony Starlight will MC once again.

The full list:

Artist of the Year: Sleater-Kinney Album of the Year: No Cities To Lovealso by S-K. S-K also inducted into the OMHOF as artists.

OMN's Robert Ham, in picking the top ten albums of 2015 also chose it as the top album of 2015. He said:

No Cities To Love (Sub Pop) -- The return of one of Portland’s greatest rock bands felt natural, and almost inevitable. It’s not as if the break that this power trio went on was fueled by acrimony or worse; just simple creative exhaustion. Sleater-Kinney’s eighth album was a furious kick against a strain of Indie that another fierce female artist, Jenny Hval, had dubbed “soft dick rock.” The 10 tracks on No Cities To Love are lean and hot, fueled by the everyday concerns of women around the world, frustration at watching the city that nurtured the band become a playground for monied hipsters, and that primal need to crank up the volume and get lost in a haze of hair, sweat and raw power. No other album this year provided those same thrills or those same thoughtful expressions.

Co-album of the year: 3 Leg Torso And To All A Good Night

Listen to 3 Leg's Courtney von Drehle in a very clever OMN Coffeeshop Conversation:


1. Brian Berg -- Singer/songwriter. Fronted 44 Long continued to write songs and play solo. Passed away in the Fall of 2015

Here's Brian Berg and 44 Long doing "Make the Grade" in a backyard concert in 2006.

2. Duffy Bishop -- The Blues Diva known for leaving the stage and going out into the audience to perform.

Here is her band from an episode of PDX Spotlight

3. Fernando (Viciconte) -- Hard-working rocker from Argentina. Read Ana Ammann's OMN story on him and his remarkable recovery.

4. Pete Krebs -- From Grunge, to Django to Ernest Tubb. Listen to his OMN Coffeeshop Conversation.

5. Paul Brainard -- The virtuoso of the steel guitar but also a stellar horn player and arranger.

6. Tim Ellis -- Guitarist and founder of Kung Fu Bakery recording studio. He passed away last March.

Watch him recording with Naomi LaViolette in 2011.


Dave Cutter -- Touched millions of NW ears through his sound company Sundown Sound

Bart Day -- Entertainment attorney



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