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Trashcan Sinatras perform at Dante's June 1st with duo Rob Wynia and Skip vonKuske

By ANA AMMANN //  The foursome from Glasgow perform songs from their new album Wild Pendulum along with their 90's hits Wednesday, June 1st at Dante's.

The Trashcan Sinatras ushered in the 90’s with their unintelligible yet highly infectious Indie hits “Obscurity Knocks” and “Only Tongue Can Tell”, and haven’t stopped creating their sonic tapestries of guitar, percussion and vocal harmony in thirty years. Performing at Dante’s June 1 to support the release of their sixth studio album Wild Pendulum, the foursome from Glasgow are sounding better than ever.

Considered by many to be among the best Scottish bands of all time, despite the universe having conspiring against them to thwart opportunities for commercial success at a few critical moments in their career.  Here is how they sum up their three decade history:

“got together, got drunk, tried to make a decent sound, got a record deal, obsessively made "cake", toured with a bad attitude, came to some conclusions, confidently made "i've seen everything", toured with a better attitude, wondered how to make another album, desperately made "a happy pocket", went bust, worried, got drunk, got angry, got over it, cautiously made "weightlifting", toured in a great mood, happily made "in the music".

Still, the band has persevered with depth of heart, true mettle, masterful songwriting and consummate performance . Just have a listen to their acoustic session taped earlier this month at City Winery in New York where Frank Reader (vocals), Paul Livingston (guitar), John Douglas (guitar) and Stephen Douglas (drums), performed two songs from the new album, “Best Days On Earth” and “Ain’t That Something” along with the title track from their 2010 album Weightlifting.

The band will be performing an electric set in Portland this Wednesday at Dante’s supported by Floater’s Rob Wynia and locally loved cellist Skip vonKuske (performing as a duo), so come out and sing a few “Drunken Chorus”, you won’t regret it.

Doors 8 pm/Show 9pm. 21+. Tickets $18. VIP Meet & Greet $50.

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