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Dive Tour ‘16, featuring White Bear Polar Tundra - video

By RICHARD PERCY // "A rockumentary for the underdogs."


In the alternative rock scene of Portland, Oregon, countless nights of playing in “dives” to half-interested crowds of schmoozers are dues that must be paid in order to one day book arenas and play for a hundred thousand raging fans. Or at least, to get people to remember the band’s name.

“If you walk into a bar and some band’s f****ing crushing it, you’re going to remember who they are,” Patrick says definitively, as if something huge is at stake. He plays guitar for White Bear Polar Tundra, a genre blending four-piece that is captivating bar patrons across the Rose City. The band’s tour of humble, often beer stained, venues is in promotion of their upcoming album. But more importantly, it’s a way for the young alt-rockers to earn their stripes.

If you’re in the area, stop by Slim’s, The Firkin Tavern, or Alberta Street Pub, and you may find them, with listeners bobbing their heads so much they can only drink their tall boys between songs. For more info, visit the band’s website: WhiteBearPolarTundraMusic.com.

Dive Tour '16, featuring White Bear Polar Tundra from Richard Percy on Vimeo.

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