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Fear Factory 2015
Fear Factory 2015

Fear Factory set to ‘Demanufacture’ Portland by performing ‘classic’ album

By RUBEN MOSQUEDA // Fear Factory's latest effort Genexus is another potent ‘industrial neon-thrash’ effort. In a slight twist the band has hit the road for their Spring ‘16 tour to promote it but are first playing their sophomore record Demanufacture in it’s entirety.

by Ruben Mosqueda

Fear Factory are set to play Portland on May 1st at The Hawthorne Theater. The band issued their latest effort; Genexus at the tail end of summer in 2015.  Genexus is another potent ‘industrial neon-thrash’ effort that follows; 2010’s Mechanize and 2012’s The Industrialist respectively. Fear Factory are on a bit of a roll; issuing some of their best material to date with the last three records. In a slight twist the band has hit the road for their Spring ‘16 tour to promote the  Genexus but are first playing their sophomore record Demanufacture in it’s entirety. “We’re performing that album live because it’s what opened the door for us. It’s also the 20th anniversary of Demanufacture; we tested it out in Australia and the response was excellent. We then performed it in Europe and the response was the same, so now we’re bringing it to America.The fans love it,” says guitarist Dino Cazares.

With a new record in Genexus one would think that their current label would frown on a band focusing on a record in their back catalog on a previous label. “Our current label Nuclear Blast have been nothing but supportive of use moving ahead with performing Demanufacture. They know how big of a record that was for us and we’ll also be performing songs off the new album along with some additional fan favorites.” The current Fear Factory lineup features; Cazares on guitar, Burton C. Bell on vocals, drummer Mike Heller who has been with the band since 2012 and latest addition on bass is a familiar face to those that follow the music on the heavy side. “Tony Campos is a true professional and good bass players are hard to come by. Tony isn’t the type of player that you don’t have to audition---you simply ask are you available? I’ve known him for about 20 years so I know him very well,” says the guitarist of the Fear Factory latest addition.

The last time Fear Factory played in The Rose City The Hawthorne Theater was jam packed and based on the reception of Genexus and the band tackling Demanufacture from top to bottom; May 1st should be no different. “We’re really excited to play in Portland the last time we played to a sold-out venue; we hope to do the same again this time around. We’ve been selling out a lot of shows on this tour which is good sign;.Portland is one of our favorite places to play--we have a lot of good friends and we can’t wait to play there again.”

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