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Keith in 2006 / Photo by Juliana Tabon
Keith in 2006 / Photo by Juliana Tabon

Keith Schreiner: Coffeeshop Conversations #55 - From Dahlia to the power grid.

By TOM D'ANTONI //  This is what he looked like in 2006. / Photo by Juliana Tabon

Welcome back to World Cup Coffee and Tea, the coffeeshop home of OMN’s Coffeeshop Conversations.

With me today is a gentleman who doesn’t do hardly any interviews. Of course this being a conversation, it isn’t really an interview. At least that’s what I told him.

He is Keith Schreiner, you may know him as Auditory Sculpture, although he isn’t using that tag as much anymore. He was one-third of the legendary Portland electronic trio Dahlia. He was a member of the Hip Hop group Suckapunch. He is known for producing and helping to re-imagine talents like Stephanie Schneiderman and many more.

He has pretty much dropped off the performing landscape and we’ll find out why and what he’s doing.

I got to know him from doing stories on him over the years but moreso from working with him on the assisted suicide documentary directed by Greg Bond and me, for which he did the score.

Time to talk to Keith.

Here is the complete documentary, "Robert's Story: Dying With Dignity," the score by Keith Schreiner. Directed by Tom D'Antoni and Greg Bond.


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