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'Feel Like Running' music video UPDATE: IT WON THE PASTE COMPETITION

Portland video on bullying woms national award from Paste Magazine.

We ran this last week and in the meantime, the video has won the Paste Magazine competion;

Paste announced today:

There was no caucusing or coin-flipping. We believe in one person, one vote. And now that the ballots have been counted, it’s time to declare a winner in our $10,000 Paste Cloud video contest. Congratulations to Chris Marshall & the August Light for their winning video “Feel Like Running.”

Marshall is a language arts teacher at Sunset High School in Portland, Ore., and the video tells a story with an anti-bullying message. Directed by Jon Garcia, it shows a student getting cyber-bullied through a text at school. The two boys are played by a pair of real-life brothers, Holden and Harrison Goyette, who volunteered their time for the video. Marshall told Portland TV station KGW that if we won the Paste Cloud Contest, he’d pay his volunteer cast and crew for their time and donate a portion to a local anti-bullying group.

“It’s the most proud I’ve felt of anything artistic I’ve done,” he said. “When I share it with my students I can tell it hits a nerve.”

Chris Marshall is a creative writing/literature teacher at Sunset High School in the Beaverton School District. He is also a singer/songwriter whose music video about bullying is a national top ten finalist in line to win $10,000 from PASTE Magazine.

 Chris’ act August Light made a video for his song “Feel Like Running” with Portland director Jon Garcia (whose socially conscious films are available on Netflix, including his new movie “The Hours Till Daylight” which premieres March 15 on Breaking Glass Pictures).

Chris Marshall of August Light says:

The video is a story about bullying. It’s a subversive take about how to confront bullying and offers a unique twist…that kindness is the thing that ultimately will win the day.

With director Jon Garcia we made a short film that was able to capture our shared vision.

The young actors came on board and blew our minds with their performances. They created something so authentic and real that the video now has a life of it’s own.

It means so much to us to have the opportunity to go forward and keep making art that moves people and that matters.

 The Portland actors gave naturalistic and emotional performances in this powerful portrayal of a class of elementary school kids dealing with a bully. The cast and crew volunteered their time and if the video wins - August Light wants to reward them and use the funds to film another topical video with Garcia. Marshall says: “It means so much to us to have the opportunity to go forward and keep making art that moves people and that matters.”

 PASTE Magazine chose the video as one of only ten nationwide they felt deserved the award. Viewers can vote for their favorite to win the $10,000. Voting must be completed by February 1.

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Kudos to Jon Garcia . He produced it video, got the cast and breathed life into the song.

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