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Logan Lynn: 'The One'

Debuts January 1. "My first record came out 15 years ago, and I feel like it has taken me that long to arrive at this place musically, lyrically and personally."

From Logan Lynn's Adieu forthcoming album due out this summer.
He says:
"The song is about love ending and finding yourself on the other side of the relationship...empowered, emboldened.  It's also a reclaiming of my own space, not just in my personal life, but in this weird pop music world I've been immersed in for decades now, too.  
For some reason I was nervous for my mentors and former labelmates The Dandy Warhols to hear the song because it is so clearly inspired by them and our time in the trenches together, but I sent it to them a few weeks ago and I got really sweet notes back from Zia (McCabe), Brent (Deboer) and Courtney (Taylor-Taylor), saying that they dig it, which was really exciting."
About "The One" music video
"We shot the video in my loft in SE Portland with Grammy-Award winning Producer and Singer Matt Alber and Director Aaron Curry.  I've known Matt for years and knew that he and I share the same aesthetics.  Both he and Aaron were a dream to work with and they have created something truly beautiful. We have more videos in the works before the full album release, too...but I can't say anything about that just yet."
And This is the quote from the press release: 
"The single was completely sonically inspired by my mentors and former labelmates The Dandy Warhols.  The whole record, while lyrically being about love and relationship beginning and ending, is instrumentally about me and my band paying homage to the things that I love about the world.  Gino and I wrote this one to pay homage to The Dandys, because of our rich history together, because of old Portland being so important to us, and because, frankly, their music is one of the things we both love about the world."

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