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Doubleclicks: Nerd power


Portland Nerd-folk Duo The Doubleclicks embark on West Coast Tour


For Portland nerd-folk duo The Doubleclicks, lyrics are everything. “It’s very important that the lyrics mean something,” Angela Webber of The Doubleclicks tells OMN, “we love it when they can also happen to be funny.”

 “We used to go to a songwriting open mic, in Portland every week” Webber continues, “and we would find that a lot of the songs were using the same metaphors, like, trees and weather and it’s all about love and sadness,” she says.

 “We basically write about love and sadness,” Webber adds, “but instead of talking about trees or weather or the beach we’ll talk about Dungeons & Dragons or Star Wars. Those are more meaningful touchstones for us.”

 Along with her sister Aubrey, Webber has built a loyal following for The Doublclicks with social media and crowdsourcing. “We put a lot of music up on Youtube,” Webber explains, continuing, “most of it is written and produced and recorded and by us.”

 This December The Doubleclicks are embarking on a West Coast tour with stops in Portland and Eugene:

. The Doubleclicks are touring in support of their 2015 release President Snakes.

 The record showcases Doubleclick’s signature acoustic folk sound.

More sophisticated than kid’s music but still precociously innocent, The Doubleclicks explore both humor and earnestness within the indie-folk genre.

Last year, The Doubclicks posted to Youtube “Sexist Bullshit (Christmas Song)” in which they sing: “We have airplanes, we have spaceships …I’m not waiting for my hoverboard…there’s something I want more, the ability to make sexist assholes disappear.”

 “We have a pretty strong connection with our fans,” Webber says, “which has been extremely helpful. Starting with our second album, we were able to crowd-fund the production.”

 “We also have our fans help us make our videos,” Webber adds, “It becomes a very cool collaborative process.”

 Overall, Webber feels The Doubleclicks are finding success in a heyday of all things nerdy with the proliferation of Comic Con culture and shows like Doctor Who and The Walking Dead.

 “It’s a fun time to be a nerd,” Webber says, “I think it’s only great that this culture is getting bigger.”


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