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Jenny Conlee
Jenny Conlee

Upcoming Music Millennium In-Store Shows

Jeconte, Stoning Giants, Jenny Conlee (pictured)....and a lot more, all for free.

All in-store performances at
Music Millennium
32nd & E Burnside, 503-231-8926.


(Live Performance)
Saturday, November 21st at 3:30PM

JeConte is a blues rock singer and harmonica player based in Sausalito California. He travels the World performing at clubs and festivals with his bands based in: San Francisco Bay Area, New Orleans, Paris - France, and Bamako - Mali. Coming off his successful 2013 release of Mali Blues (Winning multiple top 10 playlists and honors - see TheMaliBlues.com) and with multiple European & US tours in 2013 & 2014, 2015 will see the release of 'Down by the Bayou,' produced by, and featuring, Anders Osborne and released on Red Parlor Records.

'Down by The Bayou' showcases the bluesy soulful vocals and lightening harmonica chops of renowned livewire JeConte, backed by a ferocious blues rock band featuring New Orleans legend Anders Osborne, veteran LA rocker Wally Ingram, Bayou Bassman Carl Dufrene, San Francisco slide virtuoso Chris Haugen & long time JeConte writing partner and lead guitar maestro Bay Area's Matty Cohen.

Down by the Bayou dips deep into the roots of the Bayou, while simultaneously preserving the NorCal Rock n' Roll and West African influences of JeConte's style. Recorded upon his escape from the coup d'etat in Mali at Dockside Studios in Maurice Louisiana, JeConte went directly from the war torn West African country and the The MALI BLUES Sessions, into the heart of the Bayou to carve out a record that inspires deep soulful southern blues, and begs the listener to ask for more.

(Live Performance)
Sunday, November 22nd at 5PM

It all started in late 2012, Larry had made a trip to California on vacation and found himself playing his original cabin campfire songs in a living room surrounded by his family. Larry's Grandmother commented "Why don't you play that kind of music? I like that much better than that screaming stuff you play". At that point Larry thought yeah why doesn't he and decided to pursue writing more of a blues, funk style rather than the metal he had been playing for years. Larry had played in several bands over the years, Diamond Edge, Core, Hundred Horse, Braid and Untyd. Soon after he had returned his former bass player and good friend Jedediah got together to jam acoustic style and Jedediah encouraged Larry in his new found style of music and suggested that they put something together. Jedediah had also played in several metal bands including Untyd and Deflower. Larry then wrote and recorded a 4 song demo of just acoustic and singing and started to get people's attention. After several months of trying out musicians they added Larry's friend CJ as lead guitarist, CJ had never been in a band but was very enthusiastic. Jedediah's friend Jonathan then fell into place and joined the band on drums. Jonathan had played in progressive rock bands in Florida such as The Morning Flesh Project and moved to Portland for school.

And there you go, Stoning Giants was formed in the summer of 2013, four guys with a heavy rock background formed a band with flavors of rock, blues and funk. Stoning Giants went on to playing private parties and small clubs in the Portland/Vancouver areas and even gained a spot performing at the 2013 Seattle Hempfest. After gigging for about a year they decided to refine their songs and record an album. Clear as Mud EP was then released in late 2014 and Larry was able to hand his Grandmother a finished CD that she thoroughly loved. Stoning Giants submitted music to local radio stations and got air time with KINK. Stoning Giants is continuing to write new music and can be seen performing in the Portland music scene.

(Live Performance)
Sunday, November 22nd at 5PM

The set of instrumental pieces entitled French Kayaking Music was written for and inspired by the film Voyagers Without Trace; a documentary about a French trio who kayaked the Green and Colorado rivers in 1938. When Conlee heard that the film's director Ian McCluskey was looking for original music with a French flavor, a creative relationship was begun.

Conlee, currently a member of bands The Decemberists and Black Prairie, was at this time delving deep into French accordion music. She was listening to old recordings and learning the style from books of French Musettes. French Musette music evolved in Paris in the mid-1800's as melting pot of styles played on the accordion that was popular for dancing in the café's. Conlee was quickly falling in love with this romantic music. The "Voyagers..." soundtrack project was the perfect opportunity for Jenny to put to paper some original pieces inspired by the genre. Steve Drizos, drummer for Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons and Conlee's husband and musical collaborator, was brought in as recording engineer and then as producer and composer as well. 

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Nov 24: Small Business Saturday: Ian Karmel
Dec 1: Rod
Dec 4: Lights
Dec 5: Polyrhythmics
..and many more to come!




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