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Karen Lovely's arm
Karen Lovely's arm

Karen Lovely: Coffeeshop Conversations #46 - Hard road/smooth sailing


The Blues singer's smashing new album signals growth and change. Audio/podcast

We're back in the coffeeshop this week. That coffeeshop being World Cup Coffee and Tea at Northwest 18th and Glisan in Portland.

With me is Blues singer Karen Lovely who has a new album called Ten Miles of Bad Road…which sounds like the title of a Blues song because it is.

A lot of people are saying this is her best album yet…and I’m one of them. We’ll play a little bit from it at some point.

It’s up on the charts, very gratifying for her because it was long in the making…long and hard. We’ll hear all about it.

Next week music photojournalist John Rudoff will be here. You’ve seen his photographs in Oregon Music News, pretty much since we started in 2009.

And the week after that, the walking hurricane known as Monica Nelson will be here. She’s back in Portland after twenty years in New York. She was a Punk originator around her with her band, The Obituaries.

Right now, let’s meet Karen Lovely.

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