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Grimes - 'REALiTi'

By Aaron Martin //

Grimes is big in PDX next week, playing the Wonder Ballroom on Oct. 27 and releasing the 1st single from upcoming album Art Angels.

Claire Boucher and her alter-ego Grimes return to Portland to unleash her unmistakably otherworldly sound next week, promising new music, to boot. Sadly, her Wonder Ballroom show on October 27th is sold out.

But there is good news.

This week Grimes finally released the name and album cover art of her much anticipated and super-secret album: Art Angels. What's more, Grimes has promised to release her first single from the album and a brand new music video next week. It's all happening pretty fast now after such a long hiatus - this sudden barrage of new material comes three years after Grimes' Visions, widely considered the album that brought her closer to mainstream attention.

Very little is known about the songs besides a series of maddeningly cryptic (yet exceedingly curious) comments she's made in various interviews. There's a song about Al Pacino... as a vampire. And he can "switch gender and travel through space." Another, about angels weeping polluted tears. And then there's the one from the perspective of a butterfly watching the ruthlessly relentless deforestation of the Amazon. Clearly there's a theme here - death and life after death, purity and its pollution, beauty and loss - and the only thing you can truly expect with certainty from Art Angels is that you can't possibly know what to expect! It's like pulling the ribbon from a strange, ornately (yet unsettlingly) decorated present, opening the box, and peering with rapt fascination at the dark and beautiful mystery inside. Intrigued yet?



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