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Jack Garratt
Jack Garratt

Jack Garratt talks to Inessa - British Singer’s Star on the Rise

By Inessa //

2015 has been a stellar breakthrough year.. A collection of new releases, and another set for early next year will make Jack a name we won’t be able to miss. He's at the Crystal on Wednesday, October 21.

We all throw “star-on-the rise” around on dynamic and  new talent and sometimes, it’s just true. Looks to be the case for Jack Garratt. 2015 has been a stellar breakthrough year, in part thanks to some dynamite shows at Reading and Leeds festival, and the great Glastonbury in the UK. A collection of new releases, and another set for early next year will make Jack a name we won’t be able to miss.

On the road right now and in Portland Wednesday, October 21, 2015 in support of MS MR atThe Crystal Ballroom. There’s a special pre-reales offer on the new EP that comes out next February, and take a listen to the fun convo I had with him. His mind moves like nobody else. Jack told me people have told him his live sets are “interesting, intricate, and complicated”.

A singer-songwriter and producer of all his music. Recently Jack told Noisey

When I write, I produce and record as I go along. To me all the production aspects are part of the song, not just sprinkles at the end.

 Jack is winding down his stateside tour and heading back to the UK in support of Mumford and Sons. It’s all by way of introduction. The new EP Phase, is available for pre-order world wide. Do it HERE.

“These first EPs are really just me saying hello, and I’m loving the discovery process. They’re both quite different from records each other, but I don’t think they’re alien.”

  The forthcoming second EP is indeed a quantum leap on from Remnants. The first track, The Love You’re Given, has already racked up over 1.5 million Spotify streams in a few months, but its standout is Chemical, a gnarly beast that tangles multi-tracked handclaps with a beats-laden dancefloor hookline. You can’t place it, but you know it’s destined for far bigger venues than Jack finds himself at on these opening steps.

Jack commenced 2015 on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 Future 15 for 2015 list, and the live recording of The Love You’re Given from his Future Festival show has already become a firm favourite across the station. Their support follows the track hitting number one on the Hype Machine, testament to loyalty of the blog fraternity, who have been onto Jack before he’d barely posted his first debut. The future, it bodes well indeed.

 “At the moment every day brings something new, something exciting. It’s blowing my mind. I really love it.”


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