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Testing captions on this article
Testing captions on this article

Art of Anarchy’s self-titled debut proves 'super'

The news of Art of Anarchy’s existence was announced in January 2015. 

by Ruben Mosqueda

The news of Art of Anarchy’s existence was announced in January 2015. On paper it looks like ‘just another super group’ that wouldn’t get much traction and that would disappear into the musical abyss. Art of Anarchy features former Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver

Behind the scenes look from AoA's music video "Til The Dust Is Gone"
Photo courtesy of Art of Anarchy

frontman Scott Weiland, Axl’s Roses guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Disturbed/Adrenaline Mob bassist John Moyer, identical twin brothers Jon and Vince Votta on guitar and drums respectively. Weiland has denounced Art of Anarchy as nothing more than a paycheck and quickly distancing himself from the project.

Weiland’s performance is among his best on the album. It’s on par with his work on Stone Temple Pilots’ Core album and his work on the Velvet Revolver’s Contraband . Art of Anarchy is undoubtedly the ‘heaviest’ thing that Weiland has recorded to date and that is due to Thal’s crushing riffs and blistering solos.


The Art of Anarchy has no filler aside from the intro “Black Rain” that opens the record and segues into the heavy groove track “Small Batch Whiskey.” It’s not all riffage and guitar pyrotechnics. Art of Anarchy is a well-rounded contemporary record with such standouts as; the ballad “Get on Down,” the supercharged “Grand Applause” which features some licks that you’ll sure to recognize and the aforementioned “Small Batch Whiskey.” Let’s not forget the track that launched the album “Til the Dust is Gone.” Sure it’s a little risky to introduce the band with a mid-tempo track but the more you listen to it the more you grow to love it.


Bumblefoot has gone on record and said that Art of Anarchy WILL tour to support the album, Scott Weiland has gone on record to say that he WILL NOT be part of that and that the band will do so with another singer. In the meantime Weiland is touring behind Blaster with his band The Wildabouts and Bubblefoot & Co are losing ground and doing nothing in terms of support behind this incredibly good record.



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