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Art Levine: Coffeeshop Conversations celebrates episode #200 with OMN's National Editor

By TOM D'ANTONI // 200 Coffeeshop Conversations! Art Levine talks from Washington D.C. about the new Bob Dylan/Martin Scorsese documentary and a lot of other things.

Happy birthday to us. This is the 200th episode of OMN’s Coffeeshop Conversations. I’d like to thank all of our guests who have come in and talked to us. On December 4, 2014 we premiered with saxophonist Mary-Sue Tobin. We had her back on too.

Sometimes it’s been funny, sometimes we’ve learned something new about musicians we love, sometimes discovered folks we hadn’t heard of and sometimes we’ve cried over people we’ve lost.

This time OMN’s National Editor Art Levine is back and talking to us from Washington D.C. He’s an author and investigative reporter when he’s not writing about music and being funny.

He and I have been doing these things since the 1980’s and we’ve been friends since 1970.

With that in mind. Happy Birthday us.

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