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Photo by Diane Russell
Photo by Diane Russell

Archie Shepp / Ashley Kahn Jazz Conversation Portland Jazz Festival at Art Bar 2020

Giant of the Jazz avant-garde Archie Shepp talks music with journalist Ashley Kahn at the Art Bar for the 2020 Portland Jazz Festival.

 Archie Shepp in a Jazz Conversation with Jazz journalist Ashley Kahn on February 22, 2020 in the Art Bar at the 2020 Portland Jazz Festival

Audio production by Stephen Blackman.

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Lively and engaging. Just when you thought you heard every Miles Davis tale out there, Mr Shepp relays his own " ahem" initial encounter. And it's a beaut. Relayed as if it happened yesterday. Thanks Mr.Shepp for a great interview and great concert thereafter

Jerry Bauer

We`ve been very close friends for many decades (almost 50 years by now). We shared many unrepeatable experiences in listening to Jazz and world musics. Archie was a reliable source in the music scene but also gave me always far-ranging advice in vitality.

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