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#MeToo Part 2: Ara Lee - "Nasty Woman," an anthem for the moment / Coffeeshop Conversations #123

By TOM D'ANTONI //  A song of triumph for women and a teachable moment for the men who need one.

 Back at World Cup Coffee and Tea, NW 18th and Gilsan for another OMN Coffeeshop Conversation. This one is Part 2 on the issue of what has come to be known as the #MeToo moment, a phenomenon which started after the Weinstein revelations (among others)…a chance for women and men to feel safe about telling their own stories about sexual abuse and/or harassment.

With us today is Ara Lee, who co-wrote, with Beth Wood and Jen Hajj, what has become the anthem of this moment, “Nasty Woman.”

Ara has been on the scene since her days as a student at Portland State University. She now lives in Vashon, Washington.

Take a minute and watch it and then come back and listen to the story of how it got written, who plays on it, where it’s gone, and the Hillary Clinton connection.

Go ahead and watch, we’re not going anywhere. 

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Teri Briggs

Thank you, Tom and Oregon Music News, for being the first publication to cover the #NastyWoman story, share the video, and sit down with the song's co-writer, Ara Lee.

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