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OMN Rejects Musk's Offer to purchase.

Weekend-long negotiations with Musk break down. OMN Editor says, "Thanks but no thanks."

Finally the embargoed news can be revealed.

After intense negotiations lasting nearly a week, Elon Musk's pursuit of Oregon Music News has ended with the rejection of his offer to purchase this publication.

"It's not something we sought," said OMN Editor-In-Chief Tom D'Antoni. "After reviewing his books since he purchased Twitter and having looked at his current position in the stock market, we felt that it would be too much of a risk to get in bed with Mr. Musk.

"In addition," he added, "there are character issues that we felt overwhelmed his offer."

Oregon Music News has been in existence since 2009 and has a reputation for being the top music publication in Oregon. Mr. Musk has had several business successes but in the past few years, his purchase of Twitter has dulled his reputation for wise business decisions.

A source familiar with the negotiations said, "There was a sense among the OMN people that Mr. Musk was sliding into a form of the Logan Roy character from the HBO series Succession."

"It's not that he walked around telling everyone to 'Fuck off,' but it was our judgement that he was getting there, Mr. D'Antoni said this afternoon,. "OMN has a good, honest reputation in Oregon and we do now wish to sully it. We wish him well and we commiserate with the folks who remain in his employ."

OMN will continue to publish, as usual.




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