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Anklepants courtesy of Qwerty Records
Anklepants courtesy of Qwerty Records

Anklepants, the electronic space lothario is returning to Portland

By MATT HANSEN // Australian electronic musician and performance art visionary will play Dante's Wednesday September, 28th.

The Anklepants show last year at Star Theater was the first date of his only U.S. tour. Moreover, it was tremendous outpouring of support for a musician who is virtually unknown outside of Berlin, Germany and Australia. Here in Portland, the modest crowd danced and pined with giddy delight to catch the water-like liquid spraying from his mask in their empty beer glasses. This was Anklepants' first live infection of North America, and Portlanders were completely smitten with the walking hard-on antics of this masked man.

A firestorm of pics and videos documenting Anklepants would hit social media following the show in Portland, as with every show on that tour. But judging by his mug you probably didn't see him “Liked” or “Retweeted" in any of your feeds. Going by the alias Reecard Farché while on earth - because you know he isn’t from earth - Anklepants is a character within a character. Through his lyrics and persona, he claims to be a space invader that is fueled by orgies with exotic species. Part-game show host, part-cult leader, anyway you slice it he corrupts you with his very presence.

Anklepants’ music has the same affect of listening to an infomercial made by criminals. It’s a guilty electronic pleasure that is just as good as the composer is frightening, and even quite danceable. The intricacy with which he twists his voice is a stunning feat in its own right, and that is without engaging the servo motors that act like a faux-Corpus cavernosum, making his trademark salute to the audience in mesmerizing fashion.

It was during his guest appearance on the internet DJ showcase known as Boiler Room in Berlin that Ankelpants seemed to first step out of the underground, or übergründé as he calls it, and into the world’s scorning attention. With breakcore producer Otto Von Shirach headlining, the channel’s rabid online following was primed for something eccentric and atypical. But what they got was Anklepants stealing the show and making history as it was dubbed one of the worst episodes of the show ever, proof that there is no bad publicity. For Pants it was all in a day’s work, signaling that his was a face that would not be ignored, even if maligned to the “avert your eyes” category.

If you can sit through any of the live footage of Anklepants online, then your logical next move would be to attend the show at Dante’s, whether it entices your fascination with the grotesque or you’re overdue for a conniption fit. In the video for his most recent single “Just One of the Guys,” Anklepants tries to convince us that he is just that, when in reality the person lurking behind his complexly wired costume is actually a veteran of film and television special effects make up. The video’s sharp production and filming techniques are a result of said person’s involvement in big blockbuster films like Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith or Where the Wild Things Are.

The only public figures who could top Anklepants as being more reviled are the politicians vying for presidential election. And since you can just watch them on TV, don’t stay home for this one.

The following video contains lederhosen, dildo play, and a scene of suicide making it completely NSFW.


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