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Adam East : Meet the person who brings the talent to the Alberta Rose / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music # 421

By TOM D'ANTONI //  Long-time musician Adam East has been the talent buyer at the Alberta Rose Theater since before it started in 2010. Find out what he does and has done to help make it one of the best-loved music venues in Oregon.

Hi, Tom D’Antoni, as always, with another Coffeeshop Conversation from Artichoke Music.

Coming up soon we’ll have OMN’s National Editor Art Levine with a conversation on UFO’s and music, not that they have anything to do with each other.

Also upcoming, Ticket Tomato’s Amy Maxwell on the Live Nation controversy, Yvonne Lerch on booking the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival. A new episode every week.

Today, Adam East is in the building. He’s been at the Alberta Rose Theatre since it opened in 2010 and has helped build their reputation as one of Portland’s best loved venues

He’s their talent buyer. You may also know him as a musician, which he still is.


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