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David Liebe Hart: Ventriloquist and Astronaut – at Panic Room Aug. 12th


David Liebe Hart will be making a tour stop at Panic Room on Aug. 12th, doors 7:00pm, tickets. Since appearing on Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job! Hart has achieved notoriety. But the story of his fame began in 1970s Los Angeles, far before the actor and street performer ever graced Adult Swim programming.   

As a musician, Hart has made advantageous moves to garner success outside the Tim & Eric sphere of influence. One of them being an extensive touring schedule that puts his outlandish lyrics and faux-ventriloquism onstage for his adoring fans.

It’s not uncommon for comedic actors to have careers as musicians after appearing on hit television series. Craig Robinson of The Office fame currently performs solo on keyboard, or with his band The Nasty Delicious. Michael Cera of Arrested Development was the touring bassist of Mister Heavenly for a brief stint and self-released an album last year via bandcamp.

But what separates Hart from his contemporaries is not the awkwardness of his subject matter, it’s his ability to move people by being himself and not putting on airs. Branded as an “outsider musician” by critics, the term describes artists “who are not part of the commercial music industry or who write music that ignores standard musical or lyrical conventions, instead incorporating bizarre lyrics and/or melodies.”

On tracks like “Salame” – the greeting and goodbye of an advanced alien race – or “I’m in Love with an Insect Women” – an explanation of interspecies mating habits – his music falls right into this lesser known category. With the over-arching topics of puberty, religion, and technology to draw from, Hart released his fifth solo album, Astronaut, last January.

Astronaut gives Hart’s classic songs the full treatment, capturing the same showmanship that astonished  crowds outside the Hollywood Bowl or when performing alongside Tim & Eric on national tours. No matter the crowd, Hart is an unorthodox performer who draws people in with his comical idiosyncrasies. His live show will see his vast catalog receive an electronic re-working by Jonah “Th’ Mole” Mociun as he accompanies Hart on tour.

Going to see Hart on tour is an experience you have to go into warmly and without ego. You’re there to hear his unique take on life, and more importantly, have no expectations whatsoever. Even after the show, questions will remain. Like, why is he always wearing that bluetooth earpiece? And how come his lips move when his puppets talk?

For the answer to these and more, get your tickets now, and take a look at David’s video for the song “Nature” off the album Astronaut:

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