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Photo by Deirdre Luke-Brown
Photo by Deirdre Luke-Brown

Trevor Brown talks to Inessa: Deep Dive With People of the Abyss

By INESSA // Portland Hip-Hop artist Trevor Brown talks with Inessa about his new album A Fable Agreed Upon.

There are so many ways to approach music, to write it, to perform it. That’s the beautiful mystery of this art. There’s no one ultimate approach. Trevor Brown has tried on a few for size. For now? It’s solo time.


California boy, now Portland-based hip hop artist, Trevor Brown spent several years playing with different bands around the Pacific Northwest. Trevor has now settled into work as a multi-instrumentalist, working out of his amazing studio to create a really unique sound that populates the debut album, A Fable Agreed Upon.

What began for Trevor as writing poetry eventually fed into songwriting. Inspiration comes from many sources, but for this solo effort, it’s definitely fueled by the times we live in. Though much of the album travels in smooth and transcendent spaces, one of the most intriguing aspects of this collection is the undercurrent of political and social system observations. As Trevor says, the debut “rallies the troops while defiantly expressing his frustration over our seemingly endless need to repeat previous mistakes”.

A Fable Agreed Upon is a concept album at heart. The People of the Abyss project, the very name itself, has never been speaking more to our time. As many artists take up the mantle of NOW, Trevor says, “At least we’ll have good music over the next few years”.

Here’s our recent conversation on all things People of the Abyss. We offer up a couple tracks off the album too, and an unplugged verse from Trevor’s favorite song on this new creation. Dive in with us.

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