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Terry Currier: Keeping Music Millennium afloat Coffeeshop Conversations (Not) @ Artichoke Music #246

By TOM D'ANTONI // Music Millennum's Terry Currier has kept the store open, to a degree and is fighting to keep things going.

We’ve been checking in on folks to see how they’re doing during the current tribulations.

We checked on Jim Brunberg, Jeremy Wilson, Storm Large and others and today we’ve got Music Millennium’s Terry Currier on Skype.

They’re still open, doing curbside delivery but everything is tenuous. Life itself.

They’re still getting new product in every week at Music Millenium so let’s find out how their doing, what they’re doing and what are some good new albums.

Here’s Terry Currier:

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Greg flskus

great interviewg


Keep it up Music Millenium! Portland supports you! Thank you Oregon Music News for this interview. Keep the music alive!

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