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Stephen Rutledge: CC#150 Prolific is putting it mildly

By TOM D'ANTONI // Stephen Rutledge writes for The WOW Report (World of Wonder)....more prolifically than anyone has a right to!

Back at World Cup Coffee & Tea at NW 18th & Glisan for another OMN Coffeeshop Conversation.

Today, Stephen Rutledge, a most engaging and entertaining fellow, and a spectacularly prolific writer is in the chair opposite me in the Cupping Room.

It’s one of those episodes that I love to do, never having met him before, so much so that I asked him a stupid question right off the bat.

We hit it off before I started rolling and continued after I shut off the recorder.

He writes for an online publication World of Wonder aka The WOW Report, from the vast RuPaul empire of media. And like I say, he’s more prolific than anyone has a right to be.

We didn’t get to even half the stuff I wanted to talk to him about. Meet Stephen Rutledge.

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