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Marv and Rindy Ross at Winona Grange in Tualatin, OR 11/12/22 - PHOTOS, VIDEO & REVIEW

By BRENT ANGELO // Marv and Rindy Ross say good-bye to the live stage with one last farewell performance. 

Marv and Rindy Ross have been staples of the Portland music scene for decades. The couple who impressively celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary together have also been playing music together just as impressive for over fifty years. They began their career as Seafood Mama in the late 70’s and would later evolve into Quarterflash, which had huge success in the 80’s including their massive hit "Harden My Heart". Marv and Rindy would also start The Trail Band in the early 90’s as a historic ensemble to honor the 150th anniversary of The Oregon Trail which grew into a holiday music tradition with the band putting on special holiday shows along with benefitting charitable causes.

After years of their musical successes, Quarterflash retired in 2019. The Trail Band would also retire after its own successful 30-year run. Marv and Rindy would then go on to write, record and perform as a duet, but now decided it was also time to fully retire from the stage and live performing. Marv and Rindy Ross just did their final live show at the Winona Grange in Tualatin, OR.

The show was truly a special night celebrating memorable moments from their storied music career that featured two sets of music. There was great music, tons of laughter, and lots of love. Song highlights included an awesome version of “Love is a Road” and the two got a standing ovation after their performance of "Harden My Heart".

Marv and Rindy Ross are great musicians, but they also salt of the Earth people. They both care, have gave back so much and have had huge impacts on and off the stage. Personally, I remember hearing Quarterflash on the radio all the time growing up. It’s a rare thing for music to cross genres and be loved by so many, but that is was they achieved as music artists. When I moved here and got into the Portland music scene, The Trail Band had a special impact on me.

Their concerts were such an enjoyable holiday experience. The show was a really fun family event. I took my wife and kids, and we would have such a good time. The band had such a wealth of talented musicians, there were hilarious moments in the production and the show really put you in the holiday season. The Trail Band and its holiday charm are missed, but we still have so many good memories from those shows.

When artists like Marv and Rindy retire, it honestly is a huge loss for live music. As I watched their final show, I was truly impressed by their performance, how good they sounded on that night, and I left the show inspired by what I saw and heard. These are two artists with so much music talent, decades of experience, great songs, and an amazing chemistry. Marv and Rindy are the real deal.

In their final performance, they felt the love, the appreciation, and the respect from everyone. Terry (Currier) and I joked that we hope they pull a KISS on us one day and do another farewell show sometime. If this is truly the last show ever, I am grateful and honored that I was there. You both will be missed on the stage. Thank you for the music and the memories. Enjoy your retirement and I wish them both the best. It was truly a special night of music from two very excellent people.

 Marv and Rindy Ross “Seafood Mama” Live from Winona Grange in Tualatin, OR 11/12/22

 Marv and Rindy Ross “Love is a Road” Live from Winona Grange in Tualatin, OR 11/12/22

 Marv and Rindy Ross “Harden My Heart" Live from Winona Grange in Tualatin, OR 11/12/22

OMN EXTRA – A few memorable moments and words in honor of Marv and Rindy Ross from Music Millennium’s Terry Currier

“I remember their manager bringing by the “Harden My Heart” single to me when I was managing the DJ’s Sound City store at the Washington Square Mall in 1980. He left a box of them. I was immediately calling him back and ordering more. Never seen the mania this song created. We may have sold 1000 of those which was something i never had experienced for a 7” single.”

“I got an invite from Marv & Rindy to the record release party for the 3rd album “Back Into Blue” at a restaurant on the South Waterfront. It was a big event with the who’s who from record retail, radio and media.”

“In 1990 Quarterflash recorded their 4th album “Girl In The Wind” for Epic Records. With changing personnel at the label, Epic shelved the album in the states and did not release it. However, in 1991 it was going to come out in Europe. Rindy and Marv talked to me about the possibility of getting some and doing a record release performance at the store. We were able to secure a good quantity out of Sweden and sure enough, we had a packed performance at the store and sold a lot of those at the instore and the next couple of years.”

“Quarterflash was in the first class of inductees for the Oregon Music Hall of Fame. They have played at the Induction Ceremony twice and each time they were asked, they were happy to oblige the request. Marv & Rindy, besides being talented, are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They back what they believe in and have always cared about the local music community as well as the community they live in. Even with the gold and platinum records, they never changed. They were still those genuine people they were when they were playing the local clubs as Seafood Mama.”

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Jeanne Elardo

Thank you for documenting this special night.

Aaron Osheroff

Thank you for posting and the links to the videos. This is so bittersweet. I enjoyed the videos and of course, especially, Harden my Heart. So very hard to believe it has been about 41 years. I’ve always loved Quarterflash. I was just a kid when I heard the songs and saw the videos. I remember the Tulsa concert I think on MTV. The Take me to Heart video.  When I had my own children I showed them the videos.  As far as I’m concerned, the sax solos were among the catchiest and best in pop and rock. Wonderful musicians, and wonderful people. And it’s yet another thing from my childhood that has been retired. Time marches on. Wishing them the most wonderful retirement. And thanks for the music. ❤️❤️❤️

Roberta Hilbruner

We are so sad to have missed this last performance. We remember dancing to Seafood Mama in the late 70’s at the Barlow Trail Inn, saying they would get big with her fabulous voice and then they were Quarterflash. Wow! I rode in Cycle Oregon several times and saw them perform there. We loved them again as The Trail Band and went to Christmas concerts at the Aladdin. I miss that very much. Thank you Marv and Rindy.❤️

Eric Anderson

Hello Marv and Rindy,

Just heard of your retirement from stage shows and wabrmted to say thanks for the memories! I still remember being on the dance floor at the inn of the 7th mountain hearing you guys as jones road. Rindy had an electric bass strapped on that looked like it was bigger than she was. Stay happy! Best wishes, Eric

Timothy Hanley

Great performance made even better knowing you've been together so long. Better with age I guess. Always loved you guys

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