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RIP Lynn Easton of the Kingsmen, Portland TV fame

From TERRY CURRIER // Lynn Easton was a member of the Kingsmen and later became a TV dance show host. 

This is from Terry Currier on the Oregon Music Hall of Fame Facebook page.:

In 1959 Lynn Easton and Jack Ely started a band that wound eventually be called the Kingmen after another band named the Kingmen broke up.

In 1963, with Mike Mitchell on guitar, Bob Norby on bass and Don Galluci on keyboards when into a recording studio and recorded what is known
as one of the most revered songs in rock & roll.

After the hit, Lynne moved to up front to be the vocalist and lasted there till 1967. At that time he went into the adverting business and also hosted a TV show in Portland, much like American Bandstand, on KGW TV.

Lynn was a sailor and loved his sail boats, even living on them several times in his life. He also had the knack for building things and working with wood. In recent years, he would make clocks out of drums. i went over to his house a few times and commissioned him to make me a couple of clocks, one that hangs in Music Millennium and one that I gave to my wife as a gift.

When I went to his Facebook page today to confirm the rumor that he had passed, I noticed the past 2 posts he put up was a fun little Monty Python like commercial some kids made for Music Millennium and then the photo of me with the two clocks.

A major tip of the hat to a great person and one of members of Kingsmen, who gave us one of the great singles of all-time in rock & roll….LOUIE LOUIE!


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