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Lee Fields: A Soul man in his own right / Audio

By TOM D'ANTONI // Go deep with Soul singer Lee Fields. A Coffeeshop Conversation without the coffeeshop.

Lee Fields. came up in the 1960's, did pretty well for himself, known as “Little JB” for James Brown because of his voice, his dancing abilities and because he was just downright funky.

When disco hit, he wanted to remain true to his art, so he quit the business for a few years. He was a part of the great Soul music revival in the late 1990’s and hasn’t looked back since.

He has a tight band he calls The Expressions and they travel the world. He has a new album out called. “It Rains Love.”

We caught up with him on the road, the morning after a fabulous show  at the Roseland in December of 2019. Remember when it was just normal to go to the Roseland, or any other place, be with people, dance and hear great music?

I did this interview for a short-lived podcast I was doing but stopped doing after a bunch of episodes which I loved, but could't work out a deal to keep going..

He’s deep. Meet Lee Fields.


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