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Larry Colton: Author and still a "Battered Bastard" / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Catfish Lou's #197

By TOM D'ANTONI // After a Pulitzer nomination and lots of books written, he's still known as one of the "Battered Bastards of Baseball" -- a Portland Maverick (and a Portland maverick).

Welcome back to Catfish Lou’s at 2460 NW 24th for another OMN Coffeeshop Conversation.

As you may have noticed we talk to more than music industry people. Like today, for instance.

I re-watched the documentary, “The Battered Bastards of Baseball” the other night. Larry Colton popped up in it. He was a member of the Portland Mavericks. I thought, “Oh yeah, he would make a great guest.”

Larry is also a Pulitzer Prize nominated author for his book “Counting Coup.” He’s written a lot of great books and is working on more. I did a TV story on him in the past and we had a lot of fun.

That’s why he’s here.

He also founded Wordstock and a lot of other things.

We could have gone on a lot longer but he’s always welcome back.

Meet Larry Colton.

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Bob Rea

Larry, I knew you briefly when we both taught at Adams High School. I just finished watching "battered bastards of baseball". I had no idea of what happened to you after Adams. I moved to southern Oregon and lost track of everyone. Nice to hear about your success in sports and writing. Interesting movie!

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