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John Dover and Marti: Ccooking up Chilaquiles and The Lazy man's Piña Colada / Marti's Music Kitchen #16

By MARTI MENDENHALL// John Dover, trumpet player, author, teacher and outstanding cook in the kitchen with Marti cooking up Chilaquiles with The Lazy man's Piña Colada. Plus Jam’s By Jess, home-made goodness in a jar by John’s wife, Jessica.

Welcome to Episode 16 of Marti’s Music Kitchen, The FUN Music and Food Podcast, Where Anything Can Happen! My guest is the amazing trumpet player, author, teacher and outstanding cook, Mr. John Dover. He is an endorsed artist for Bach trumpets, and he plays everything from classical and jazz, to rock. This Renaissance man will be cooking up Chilaquiles with The Lazy man's Piña Colada, and we’ll even get to check-out Jam’s By Jess, home-made goodness in a jar by John’s wife, Jessica.

“Cooking with the heart is how where we learn to show people what we think of them…It also forces you as the chef to engage and indulge in what you're creating to make it better.”

John has a super-cool second career as the comic book author of the booze-drinking, lady-loving detective known as “Johnny Scotch.” How does music effect what’s cooking in the kitchen?  What is the parallel of writing music and writing a comic book? And just what would Johnny Scotch make for date-night dinner? Come with me into this mysterious, Jazz Noir episode – and let’s . . find . . out!  (See Recipe Below.)











Homemade tortilla chips – or from a bag!

Preheat oven on high Broil

Lightly oil tortillas.

Sprinkle with kosher salt

Bake in oven until crisp and brown

Let cool then break into smaller "chip" size


Heat large skillet on medium high

Add a couple table spoons of high smoke oil such as avocado oil

Pour in a cup of green chili salsa

Drop in generous portion of homemade chips

Mix until chips are coated but still crispy

Pour out onto plate


In another skillet cook two eggs (per person) to sunnyside up

Move eggs to top of chips on plate


Garnish with additional salsa (if wanted) chopped cilantro, and crumble some chevere or queso fresco over top.



Add any of the following items - 

Shredded rotisserie chicken

Refried or black beans

Pickled jalapeño's

You can also use a red salsa instead of green or do a combo of both


Lazy man's Piña Colada


Coconut rum


Blend till foamy


Jams on hand:

Jams for the toast are being provided by Jessica Dover (aka Jam's by Jess)

Serrano Jam

Strawberry Lavender

Raspberry Ginger


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