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David Ornette Cherry passed away on November 20 / Watch an OMN video interview with him

David Ornette Cherry, composer, multi-multi-kulti instrumentalist and poet died on Sunday, November 20, 2022 in his London hotel after a performance. Portland was one of the places he called home. Watch on OMN video with him talking about Thelonious Monk, a frequent visitor to father Don Cherry's household.

David Ornette Cherry, citizen of the world, multi-instrumentalist, composer, poet and friend passed away in his hotel in London following performing a concert.

He said this about himself:

“I have been influenced by music of the world - the music of the spirit created from a powerful tapestry of rhythms and sensual melodies. My compositions are a union of textures, sounds, lifestyles, surroundings, and messages in a universal language emphasizing a positive state of mind.” - David Ornette Cherry

We did many stories on him. Here is some (shaky) video, shot outside Dockside in NW Portland on October 5, 2011t. Sad to say, the late Carlton Jackson is no longer with is and the Blue Monk didn't survive.

 When we ran it on October 5, 2011, we said:

There are two birthdays on Saturday. Thelonious Monk would have been ninety-five years old. It is also the Blue Monk's birthday. It is nine.

David Ornette Cherry was a toddler when Monk would visit David's dad, the great composer and trumpeter Don Cherry at their Mariposa Avenue home in Los Angeles. He doesn't have any clear memories, but he's heard all the stories.

Cherry, on keyboards,  will interpret the music of Monk along with drummer Carlton Jacskson, saxophonist Renato Caranto, and bassist Tye North on Saturday, October 8 at the Blue Monk (natch), 9m, $10

We talked with Cherry about the show and got him to tell one Monk story with a very strange image in it:


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