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Photo by Elizabeth Campbell
Photo by Elizabeth Campbell

Farewell to Artichoke's retiring Bob Howard / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #337

By TOM D'ANTONI // Bob Howard just retired as Artichoke Music's Executive Director. Therin lie some tales.

We’re still back at the Artichoke Music Café this week for a special occasion, the final day as Executive Director for Bob Howard.

He’s retiring, there is a new head honcho in charge, his name is Paul K Ward.

Bob shepherded Artichoke’s move from Hawthorne to Powell Boulevard and guided it through the pandemic.

Not an easy job.

The café is crowded today. Bob refers to several of the people here without telling us who they are. That’s ok, we recorded this last Tuesday and by now he’s in Paris.

That’s France.

Let’s say farewell to Bob Howard.

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Jan Hutchison

I knew it was tough to get through the last years and I’m so thankful for BOB!!!

Stephanie Cox

Congratulations, Bob! You deserve to enjoy your retirement in Paris.

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