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Gary Ogan talks to Inessa: Satisfied artist, satisfied human being


There's more to Gary Ogan than cats, but it is central to the new album Suite Woogie. Part of the joy of sitting down and taking time to have that conversation with people you know well, and those less known? Discovery. Unexpected factoids. In the case of Gary, who I have met only a few times but certainly know as a working artist, is that I THOUGHT I knew all there was to know. He'd been in and out of the Portland music scene for years. Began in music in the early 70's. Played live shows constantly in Portland through the 80's when the scene was raging and bands were being signed by record labels. But as with all of us,  it seems there are some great backstories. Gary admits to being a late bloomer. He taught himself music by ear . Every effort was a chance to validate himself and his feelings through his own sensibility. In our conversation, we begin at the beginning and this stroll takes me through his time discovering voice, to his time with Leon Russell, which leads to a couple of astonishing brushes with George Harrison.  And then to Gary's take on the music being made today to feelings about his Cherokee heritage. And finally to the events that led to his new album, Suite Woogie.

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